Opening Statement and Rules

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Opening Statement and Rules Empty Opening Statement and Rules

Post by LTJG. Shane Eaton on Thu Apr 26, 2018 6:26 pm

Welcome to the USS Roanoke, NCC - 2279. We are an online chapter of Starfleet Command Q1; the oldest Star trek club still in existence.
As members of Star Fleet Command Quadrant 1 you are required to abide by the SFC AFEDs, which govern all chapters of SFCQ!
To be a member of this crew you have to be a member of Starfleet Command, your dues must be kept current and you must abide by the terms of this site.

As Crewmen and Officers of USS Roanoke, you are expected to conduct yourself in an adult manner at all times. NO Abusive behavior will be allowed at any time.

Welcome Aboard!!!
LTJG. Shane Eaton
LTJG. Shane Eaton
LTJG/Commanding Officer
LTJG/Commanding Officer

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