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Promotion and criteria Empty Promotion and criteria

Post by LTJG. Shane Eaton on Sat Apr 28, 2018 5:44 pm

There are 3 paths to choose from when joining Starfleet Command Q1.

1) Commissioned Officers--- you will take the (core) officer exam and departmental exam and begin your officer career.

2) Non Commissioned Officers—do not take the exams. They cannot command a ship or hold a position on the SFC board, but they are allowed to change their career path to a commissioned officer by taking the necessary exams at any later date.

3) Marines—You must take the Marine exam, along with the core exam.

EVERYONE begins as a RECRUIT, or a midshipman if under the age of 10 years. Commissioned Officers, after taking the exams and passing carry the ranks of Ensign, Lieutentant, Commander, Captain and so forth and can hold an office.

Marines after taking the exams, carry the ranks 2nd Lieutenant, 1st Lieutenant, Marine Captain, Major and so forth.

NON COMMISSIONED OFFICERS with no exams carry the ranks of Specialist, Corporal, Petty Officer and so forth. NCO’s are not allowed to hold an Office.

Promotions are available to all members of Starfleet Command, regardless of the path the member chooses.

Participation is the number 1 way to promotion within Starfleet Command.

No one is promoted based on time served in the Organization.
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LTJG. Shane Eaton
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